Many people want to keep their tree small. Is it okay to top a tree?

Absolutely not. It is often considered as the "cardinal sin" of arboriculture. When you top a tree many cuts are made in improper areas of the tree and the tree cannot heal properly. It then opens the tree up for rot, pests, and disease. And if the tree doesn't die all together it will try to rapidly grow "water sprouts" to save its own life. These branches will then create overly heavy leads and weak leads that will later become an extreme risk to the integrity and stability of the tree. There are other ways through proper pruning techniques that a trees size can be maintained as well as the integrity of the tree. If a customer still insists on having a tree topped, Dooley Brother's Tree will kindly step out and explain that it is not a service we are able to provide.

When is it an okay time of the year to prune trees?

For most trees in the Midwest, despite old myths, it's okay to prune trees almost year-round. However, oak trees should only be pruned when it's regularly below 40 degrees to prevent the spread of oak wilt.

Is it okay to ask a tree care company how their work will be done?

Yes, it is important to ask how the company is going to perform the work that's going to be done. If it's a trim/pruning job, ask if they will use spikes to climb the tree. This should never be done unless the tree is going to be pruned. Many companies will tell you it will be okay and does no harm to the tree. This is simply untrue. The tree will experience wounds from every step up a tree the climber takes if wearing spikes and will open the tree to exposure from bugs, pests, or disease.

Also ask what kind of pruning methods they will use. Are they educated and certified? Do they know proper cutting techniques? There are often many companies that don't know how to properly prune a tree and will remove many or most of the interior branches, or not make proper cuts in proper areas of the tree.

Why is insurance important?

It is important to protect yourself and make sure the company you hire is properly insured. It is true that many companies that have a certain number of employees are not legally required to hold a workman's comp policy on their crew. However, if they get hurt on your property, did you know you could be held liable for expenses from the injuries that occur on your property? Dooley Brother's Tree ensures that we hold proper liability and work comp insurance always. And it's okay to make a phone call to our provider to insure that our policies are current and up to date.

Why should I read reviews?

Do your homework and spend a few minutes checking up on the company you want to hire. It could make a big difference. Check out Google reviews or check a company's reviews on Facebook or Yelp.

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Good people, good service and reasonable prices. Highly recommend!— Brian A.