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As a full-service tree care company, we handle all things tree care related including tree removals, trimming, fertilization, and tree installations. Our tree care experts and certified arborist abide by all ISA and ANSI standards of tree care. Dooley Brother’s is properly insured for all tree work we perform on your property. We work with you to create a health care plan that brings you a flourishing landscape!


Utilizing the appropriate pruning technique will preserve older trees and promote healthy growth for younger ones. Reductional pruning is particularly beneficial to homeowners because the focus is on safety. The purpose of this technique is to proactively trim off dead, diseased, or structurally compromised branches.

Common pruning services we perform for homeowners include removing deadwood, clearing out branches entangled in powerlines, structural clearance, and trimming down branches in danger of falling on your home or something of value.

Stump Grinding

Our team is equipped to remove stumps as deep as 8” into the ground for effective removal.

Compared to the process of removing a tree, deciding what to do with the leftover stump doesn’t seem like such an immediate task, however, there are a number of risks you take by leaving it behind.

  • Fungi Growth: encountering certain fungi can be harmful to pets and small children
  • Decay & Infection: diseased or dying wood can quickly spread to surrounding plant life
  • Wood-Boring Insects: stumps attract these damaging insects and place them closer to your home
  • Property Value: stumps are unsightly and potential buyers will see it as an added expense to take care of

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